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Comprehensive Managed IT Services Portfolio 

Comprehensive Managed IT Services Portfolio 

As a Managed Desktop Services Specialist at Nofeck IT Solutions with the support of Bitrix24, our role involves the administration, maintenance, and optimization of laptops. We are dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of the organization's desktop infrastructure, providing reliable IT solutions and support.

Additionally, Nofeck IT Solutions, in collaboration with Bitrix24, ensures the management of network services. Our commitment is to guarantee connectivity, security, and reliability for all laptops, providing comprehensive IT solutions to enhance your business operations.

This role at Nofeck IT Solutions involves proactive monitoring, issue resolution, and reporting, emphasizing our expertise in IT services and support. As part of our commitment to excellence, we specialize in NOC (Network Operations Center) and SoC (Security Operations Center), ensuring efficient operations and security measures

Key Responsibilities:
Administration and Maintenance: Ensure optimal performance by configuring laptops and setting up essential components such as Azure AD, Device Management, and Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Our expertise in IT services extends to seamless configurations, guaranteeing efficient device management for enhanced productivity.

Effectively manage core systems by handling tasks such as OS installation/upgrades and deploying applications/services. Leverage state-of-the-art tools like Nofeck and Manage Engine’s Data Security Plus for real-time monitoring, alerts, and comprehensive reporting. Our commitment to meticulous system management ensures a seamless and secure IT environment.

Deliver comprehensive hardware management and support for PCs, laptops, peripherals, and printers at Nofeck. Implement robust security measures, including antivirus setup, firewall services, SSL certificates, and efficient patch management. Our commitment to your IT infrastructure's security and functionality is unmatched, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Manage VPN services:
Monitor networks seamlessly with the aid of cutting-edge tools such as ConnectWise Automate and PSP’s ConnectWise SIEM at Nofeck. Offering reliable backup and support for network and security management, we prioritize the stability and integrity of your IT infrastructure.

Managed Network Services:
Proficiently install, configure, and maintain NSG (Network Security Group) at Nofeck. Ensure robust security with the setup and maintenance of firewalls and Internet services, guaranteeing a safeguarded IT environment.

provide expert advice on crafting IT policies, developing disaster recovery plans, and proposing system improvements at Nofeck. Conduct thorough evaluations of technical infrastructure and strategize for enhancements. Efficiently coordinate the procurement of IT solutions from major vendors, ensuring a seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies.

Under the expertise of Nofeck IT Solutions and Bitrix24, we systematically resolve end-to-end issues, delivering timely status updates. Our approach includes generating monthly performance reports and conducting quarterly performance reviews. With a focus on BItrix24 and nofeck, we consistently make recommendations for issue prevention and downtime reduction, ensuring a robust IT infrastructure.

Employing cutting-edge IT solutions and services, we vigilantly monitor and forecast capacity, ensuring optimal performance. Our comprehensive approach includes conducting backup and restoration testing, along with performing network device configuration backup and restoration testing. With a focus on providing exceptional customer service, CRM, HRMS, and overall business support, we proactively safeguard your IT infrastructure.

Empowered by the robust capabilities of Nofeck IT Solutions and Bitrix24, our expert team is dedicated to SIEM Threat Hunting. We meticulously review logs for various systems and conduct monthly/quarterly hardening reviews. Ensuring the highest standards, we manage user access reviews and permissions, aligning seamlessly with the exceptional services offered by Nofeck and Bitrix24.

IT Consulting

  • Assessing current IT infrastructure.
  • Providing recommendations for improvements.
  • Strategic planning for technology implementation

Managed IT Services:

    • Proactive monitoring and management of IT systems.
    • Remote support for troubleshooting and issue resolution.
    • Security monitoring and threat detection.

Network Infrastructure:

  1. Network Infrastructure:

    • Design and implementation of secure and efficient networks.
    • Installation and configuration of routers, switches, and other networking equipment.
    • Network optimization and performance tuning.

Cybersecurity Services:

    • Implementing firewalls, antivirus, and anti-malware solutions.
    • Conducting security audits and risk assessments.
    • Incident response and security breach investigation.

Cloud Computing Solutions:

    • Migration of on-premises systems to cloud platforms.
    • Cloud infrastructure design and management.
    • Integration of cloud services with existing IT environments.

IT Consulting​

Managed It Service Nofeck offers:
  • 24 X 7 Unlimited Remote IT Support
  • 24 X 7 Unlimited Onsite Support
  • Business Continuity
  • Telephony and Connectivity
  • Hardware Maintenance & Support
  • Cloud Solutions

At Nofeck Technology, our commitment to exceptional service extends beyond solutions, offering 24/7 client support. Our dedicated team ensures seamless communication, rapid response times, and personalized attention. Your satisfaction is our priority, and at Nofeck, we thrive on providing round-the-clock excellence, handling all your needs with precision and care.

  • 24 X 7 Proactive Health Monitoring
  • 24 X 7 Security Monitoring
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Projects and Consultancy
  • Professional Services

Managed IT Services

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